White Boots: The Trend I Tried to Resist


I started to notice the “white boots” trend a little over a year ago. A couple of my favorite influencers were wearing them and I thought then, “I just have to have a pair!” But I was also a little ashamed for taking a liking to the popular 60s trend. I thought to myself, "India, how old are you?!" I started to see other people style them and was sold.There was only one thing to consider: all white boots are not created equally. So, I began my search for the perfect pair. This was something that I preferred to find in store. I wanted to try them on, feel them, and see how they looked against my skin complexion. I told Barrett that I wanted a pair and he looked at me like a deer in headlights. He thought that white boots were the ugliest thing he had ever seen until I stumbled across this amazing pair of Mark Fisher boots. They are everything! I’ve literally worn them for 10 hours at a time, and they didn’t bother my feet at all. The look of them is just the cherry on top! What’s even better is that I can dress them to wear throughout multiple seasons. I’ve linked my favorite pairs below. Happy shopping! If you decided to get a pair, tag me in your post!