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Summer Colors + Fall Style

Summer Colors + Fall Style

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I’m pretty sure I’ve said before that fall is my favorite season. There’s so much variety in things you can wear! Layers on layers on layers! What I don’t care for is the many dark colors that we’re forced to wear during the fall/winter months, so that’s why I was especially excited when I came across this jacket and dress from Zara while visiting San Diego a few weeks ago. Funny story…

I went to Zara when I first got to San Diego. I scheduled a shoot with a local photographer because I wanted to get some new content for my blog, but I didn’t have any outfits planned because my pregnant belly had started to expand and I was having a hard time fitting into my clothes! Zara just so happens to be one of my favorite stores, so I was stoked when I walked in the store! Little did I know that that shopping trip would turn into an emotional trip from hell. I went throughout the store grabbing all of the cute items that I had found online, and when I started trying them on, the tears began to fall. Yal… I could fit anything! This was all so new to me!

I left everything in the dressing room, walked out of the store to meet Barrett, and started crying AGAIN! These pregnancy hormones are no joke! Of course, Barrett is looking at me like “wtf happened?!” How do you explain that you’re crying because your usual size doesn’t fit you, but you’re clearly pregnant and it’s the obvious reason? That just sounds crazy! So… we left the mall. Barrett said, “Let’s just try again tomorrow!” and I stood there, still crying. The next day, I woke up and cancelled my shoot because I just wasn’t feeling it and I also wanted nothing to do with the mall.

A couple of days later, I decided to go back. This time with a lot of more confidence! I came to the conclusion that I just wasn’t going to be able to do miniskirts and normal jeans, so I had to approach this shopping spree with a different mindset. I came across this yellow suede jacket and green and white striped dress, and HAD to have it! The colors in this outfit put me in such a better mood, and all was well in my world!

If you see something in bright colors, don’t be afraid to go outside of the box and buy it. Let your personality shine through, and rock that ish like it’s the 4th of July! 

India Marie-Outfit 2-0012.jpg

Photos by Elle Danielle Photography

Jacket: Zara

Dress: Zara

Bag: Cult Gaia

Shoes: Windsor Store (Not Available)

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