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Fall + Winter Style w/ TOBI

Fall + Winter Style w/ TOBI

I must say that winter is my least favorite season to dress for because I haaaaate the cold weather! Yes, it’s technically still fall, but it doesn’t quite work that way here in Nashville. We have a tendency to completely skip seasons. It’s either too hot, or too cold. Rarely anything in between! Considering I’m pregnant, it has been especially difficult to find pieces that work with my bump, the weather, and that are still cute. That is why I was so excited when I came across a few pieces from TOBI. They have such a large variety of clothing, and I was able to piece together 3 completely different outfits for 3 different occasions! 

India Marie-Outfit 9-0005.jpg
India Marie-Outfit 9-0007.jpg
India Marie-Outfit 9-0012.jpg
India Marie-Outfit 9-0003.jpg

I've been obsessed with turtlenecks this season so I was definitely a fan of this one from TOBI, especially with the tie-up detail going up the side. This look is super casual, comfy, but still gives an edge, which just so happens to be one of my favorite looks. I'm a profound member of "Team Repeat," so I've already worn this entire fit twice. Once to work, and once on a Saturday of shopping and running errands. 

Turtleneck: TOBI | Boots: Dr. Marten | Jacket: Macy's (similar) | Pants: Target (similar)

India Marie-Outfit 10-0011.jpg
India Marie-Outfit 10-0007.jpg
India Marie-Outfit 10-0008.jpg
India Marie-Outfit 10-0012.jpg

Outfit #2 is one of my favorites because it's giving me all sorts of Olivia Pope vibes! This top is actually a dress from TOBI, but when you have a baby bump, a lot of your tops tend to turn to dresses! Hey, whatever works! Although it's sleeveless, throwing on this trench coat over it gave me all of the warmth I needed. 

Dress: TOBI | Leggings: Target (Similar) | Coat: H&M (Similar) | Boots: Steve Madden 

India Marie-Outfit 11-0002.jpg
India Marie-Outfit 11-0006.jpg
India Marie-Outfit 11-0009.jpg
 All photos by  Elle Danielle Photography

The last piece that I got from TOBI is this gorgeous maxi dress! Can someone say holiday party?! If you want to turn heads, this would definitely be THE dress. I mean seriously, look at that back detail! I love everything about it. I decided to pull out my leather biker jacket because again, I love edge. If the leather biker jacket isn’t your thing, you could easily pair it with a faux fur.

Dress: TOBI | Booties: Steve Madden | Jacket: Macy's (Similar)


That’s all for now folks! I hope you all had a fabulous, productive Monday! Let's kill this week! Can you believe it's almost Christmas?! Yay!!

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