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Gold Safari Baby Shower

Gold Safari Baby Shower

I know I know… “girl, where have you been?!” Truth is, pregnancy kicked my ass and postpartum issues ain't for the faint of heart. As mush as I wanted to push out new weekly content to you guys, I just couldn't. You want to know something funny? I actually drafted this baby shower post 2 weeks after my actual baby shower and literally never finished the last paragraph. I have so much to catch you all up on, so, I'm just going the pick up where I left off. The baby shower. It was absolutely PERFECT, although it certainly didn’t start that way! I decided to have it on January 13th because I just knew that it was the perfect day. It was a Saturday, and the following Monday was MLK Day so the timing was awesome just in case we had any friends and family who wanted to stay a few extra days. Well, I was wrong. SO terribly wrong. Nashville and Memphis both got a snow/ice storm so that changed the plans for a lot of our guests. I was so bummed, but there was nothing that I could do. Although most of my family was stuck in Memphis, I was beyond grateful that my parents, sister, Barrett's family, and my best friends were all able to make it. I learned very quickly that weekend that I am not in control of everything, and that is OK! 


A couple of months before the shower, I got together with my planning crew to discuss details. Of course I didn't want to plan my own shower, but I HAD to have a say on the details. I like things a certain way, so I was basically just there to oversee. My friends weren't bothered because they know how I am, and that's what they expected of me. 

I had been constantly searching on Pinterest for a baby shower theme, and they were all so LAME! I hated everything, or felt like most ideas had been done one too many times. I loved the idea of incorporating animals because I wanted to hang a few safari prints in the nursery, but when you search for a safari themed shower on Pinterest, there's an overwhelming amount of animal prints, greenery, and brown. Gross. I had already sent out baby shower invitations that were navy and gold so I thought I'd do a gold safari. It turned out exactly how I envisioned! 


The boxes with Blake's name were super easy. They are literally just recycled boxes. My friend bought the letters from Hobby Lobby, and I bought wrapping paper from Joann's. I couldn't find the exact products to link, but they have a ton in store. 


We did popcorn bags as party favors. They were cheap and easy to make! The bags are from Amazon, tags from Etsy, ribbon from Joann's, and popcorn from Kroger.


We bought toy animals from Amazon, and spray painted them gold. 


Just because I couldn't drink, didn't mean my guests couldn't! I didn't want my baby shower to feel like a typical baby shower. I wanted everyone to come together and kick it as if it were a party. 


The formal seating was only for food and games. 


One of my friends made a baby version of Heads Up Charades, and it was a hit! The guys trying to guess the names of baby items was hilarious. 


We also played the poop test game with chocolate in diapers, and had a drinking contest with beer in baby bottles. I'd have to say that the poop test was a fan favorite, although you can't tell by the facial expressions!

 Look at me... Looking at them in disgust because they're drinking my favorite liquor!

Look at me... Looking at them in disgust because they're drinking my favorite liquor!


All in all, the day was magical. We decided to include the guys because they all play an important part in both Barrett and I's life. This day taught me to live in the moment, and to remember to not get so caught up in the negatives. Don't worry about the "what ifs" and appreciate what's sitting right in front of me. Life, family, and friends. The next couple of posts will be a trip down memory lane for me, and I hope you all stick around for the ride!

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