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Festival Vibes

Festival Vibes


I am literally obsessed with festival attire. All of the outfits that I see are always so carefree. Of course, the outfit is secondhand to the festival itself (unless you're at Coachella), but the fact that you can literally throw on whatever and go have the time of your life is the best feeling ever. If I were attending a music festival, this would most definitely be my look. My super distressed shorts are made by me. There was once a time where distressed denim shorts didn't cost between $50 and $100 bucks a pop. These are an old pair of Levi's from Goodwill that I paid about $6 for. There are a TON of YouTube tutorials (click here) that will tell you everything you need to know about how to turn old jeans into shorts. 

Distressed denim, embroidered denim, florals, see-through dresses, bandannas, matching sets, large brim hats, and large statement necklaces are all in for this festival season. 

Since this IS officially festival season, I've linked some of my favorite Nashville festivals that are coming up below. Although none of these come close to comparing to something like Coachella, they are still awesome events to attend if you live in the city. 

Nashville Wine & Food Festival

Margarita Festival (Fav!)

Music City Jazz Festival

Brew at the Zoo

Taste of Music City

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

What would be your look if you were to attend a festival?!



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